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  • Ireland – 1000s of vacancies ,Wages on the rise and Bonuses on the increase

    The IBEC Quarterly Economic Outlook for the first quarter of 2020 makes very interesting reading  for those looking at returning options in Ireland in 2020 .

    On employment the Irish unemployment rate now stands at 4.8% with the number of people employed in Ireland growing by a staggering 25% since 2013 .

    As the number of people in the labour force has risen by only 11% the pool of talent required by the Irish labour market is falling significantly behind growing demand .

    IBEC say that Labour shortages are now acute in many sectors with jobs involving professional, scientific ,and technical activities have the highest amount of unfilled vacancies more that 3 times the rate for other sectors .

    There are currently 2000 unfilled vacancies in these sectors  according  to IBEC representing 15% of all vacancies .

    Nearly 2% of jobs in Finance ,Banking and ICT remain unfilled and with more young people staying longer in Education the skills shortages can only increase and impact on future economic growth .

    The good news for jobseekers and Back 4 Good subscribers is that a tight labour market is resulting in upward pressure on wages with annual increases of over 4% with annual bonuses rising by nearly 7% .

    In the ICT sector bonuses are rising at around an additional €5 an hour on top of the salary and in Finance with additional bonuses of over €3 per hour on top of salary.

    Overtime has also risen rapidly  with a 50% rise in overtime earning in public administration and defence with other areas such as transport and storage ,administrative work and construction offering 25% plus extra overtime.


    What the IBEC review clearly demonstrates is that it is a excellent time to look back home for your next opportunity and Back 4 Good are keen to hear from you .

    Our Patricks Week talent drive is underway and interviews are available for roles in all sectors , send your cv today to greg@back4good.ie today and we will take it from there for you.