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  • Bounce Back Ireland can create 1000s of Jobs

    As Ireland starts to emerge from the Lockdown with Phase 3/4 taking  place next week and restrictions eased in many sectors reports are showing that consumers are reluctant to trade again .

    Bounce Back Ireland has devised an innovative new programme that will encourage normal business to resume which provide incentives and stimulus that will result in a significant take-up in sales resulting in the creation of 1000s of new jobs

    .Bounce Back Ireland have devised a innovative voucher scheme whereby the Government will fund Bounce Back Ireland Vouchers that assists consumer to purchase services and products and will provide supports for SMEs to open again .

    As Bounce Back Ireland is located in all 32 counties in Ireland the approach will happen  on a county by county basis and the plan is to allocate vouchers that are relevant to the needs and requirements of the local economy in each county .

    Bounce Back Ireland is working with each sector to estimate the value of the vouchers which will depend on the level of stimulus required and based on the impact that COVID 19 has had on each sector and county.

    Bounce Back Ireland are looking for State funded vouchers in the following sectors;,

    . Hospiality

    . Retail

    . ICT and Webservices

    . Employments Services and Job searching

    . Financial Services

    . Legal and Insurances

    . Mindfulness and Wellness


    Working on a county by county basis and having identified the needs of each county’s local economy Bounce Back Ireland Voucher programme will encourage consumers to start to buy again and spend both in their own county and in other counties on staycations.

    Bounce Back Ireland have submitted these proposals to all parties involved in the formation of the next Government and hope to see progress on this programme over the next couple of weeks .

    If you want to get involved and support Bounce Back Ireland contact info@bouncebackireland.ie today