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Back 4 Good will feature a number of articles and posts on the property situation throughout our network of over 140 cities with up-to-date independent advice on all aspects of the property and rental market as it exists in each location.

Our independent news features and blogs will provide information in detail on the sales market and on the best areas to buy in your chosen city.

We will also look at the rental market and what value exists there and will recommend the best option for you between rental or buying.


Our city property briefs will include daily images associated with each city and if requested we can supply multiple images for the same property.

Like all our sections content is king and we hope to bring you a search property feature which will allow you to find properties across our network from our property directory created by our affliiates in each location.

It is envisaged that as we expand this new feature we will have 1000s of listings and as we create our online property portal it will be capable of providing quick, filtered and relevant results based on each members search query.

Our property section will include information about the property agents with relevant links to their online platforms with map based technology to make it easy for members to identify locations and find all the properties of a certain area at once.

Our new property sections will allow members to ,

  • Rent Property
  • Sell Property
  • Buy Property

B4G Property will offer personalised assistance to members to help them find the property or rental of their choice and through our city affiliates will find independent specialists in each location to advise on Legal, Taxation, Relocation and Valuations.