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Great time to rent or buy in London

With 1000s of job opportunities available through our Back 4 Good -Your future in London network we have a look at the property market in London for those interested in living and working in London.

Interestingly,with ongoing Brexit issues Halifax say that house prices rose by 1.5% in May in the Uk partly reversing a steep fall the month before .On a quarterly basis house prices were up 0.2% in the three months from April to May compared with the previous quarter, while the annual inflation rate was 1.9% .

However the trend in London is good for people who are moving into the city with house prices tumbling since Brexit and this year the city experienced the lowest annual growth in prices since 2009 .

The average prices of shoe in the UK in March was £224,000 with London house prices in negative growth .

On the rental side construction of new build skates fell by a quarter last year with new build starts falling in seven of the 11 inner London boroughs with significant declines in Southwark,Wandworth ,Battersea and Nine Elms and Westminster.

Finding a property to rent in London can be hard and you need to plan for your search and decide on the location your require .The underground in the city is a great resource however you should find a property near your work location as this significantly saves you costs.

In central London, despite a shortage of supply rents have fallen by around 3% in the past 12 months and further falls are anticipated in 2019

This is an excellent time to be sourcing a property to rent or buy in London as your plan you next career move and B4G Property are on hand to assist you in that regard.