Back 4 Good not only matches you to your chosen career and helps you find your city of choice we now provide you with great low-cost training which means you are always developing your CV and career.

Working with our training and education partners we can now enable you to upskill yourself with accredited online e-learning and face-to-face training specific to you.

Back 4 Good members will be able to identify your skills gaps (if any) and connect with certified training providers either by taking training direct through Back 4 Good or booking classroom -based training via Back 4 Good.

Back 4 Good has experienced significant growth and areas such as Digital Technology is now part of our daily lives. It is now essential to have the knowledge and skills to confidently use these technologies to empower and enrich members lives.

Back 4 Good will provide a suite of e-learning courses tailored to our members needs.

Our e-learning will cover a range of sectors including

  • Pharma / Bio-Tech
  • Financial Services
  • Engineering & Manufacturing
  • Digital
  • ICT
  • Healthcare
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Legal
  • Property & Construction
  • Health & Social Care
  • Catering & Hospitality
  • Supply Chain Logistics
  • Education and Training
  • Customer Service
  • Leisure Sports Entertainment
  • Retail

Back 4 Good will offer members an opportunity to learn something new every day to enhance your career, with practical e-learning.

Contact Back 4 Good today at greg@back4good.ie in advance of our launch if you wish to offer your courses through our platform.