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Your future in Kerry

Kery is attracting significant foreign investment across many sectors. The expanding role of computer technology, knowledge intensive industries and research & development coupled with the fact that these solutions are not location specific and can be located in peripheral areas makes Kerry ideal for further growth which will result in many new opportunities.

Kerry is facilitating the clustering of knowledge based industries combined with the Institute of Technology to create new products and services.

Shannon Deveopment through its new initiatives has developed a 21st Century model for the ongoing and future development of a number of small towns and villages in the county.

Kerry needs to see population growth in order to ensure that these type of initiatives are met and inward migration is now vital for Kerry.

During  Christmas 2016 Kerry launched a campaign to fill 1000 well-paid jobs due to the lack of highly-skilled workers in the county with plans underway to hold a jobs expo in April 2017.

Positions  are currently available in ICT, Financial Services, Construction, Healthcare and the Hospitality sector with Sales and the Education sector looking for 100s of new employees.

Kerry salaries are on par with city salaries and its attraction is that the cost of living and accommodation is much less along with ease of access to Schools.

Research also shows that commenting in the County is significantly less than the urban sprawls.

So if you wish to return to Kerry simply send your cv to kerry@back4good.ie today and we will take it from there for you.