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  • Career Coaching energises your career !

    As our Christmas talent drive commences we are keen to offer services that we feel will augment the desire of our subscriber base to find that suitable role that matches their work-life balance and ambitions .

    For those returning home to take up a new role or for our subscribers who are setting out to work in a new location it may be helpful to seek the services of an expert career coach to help you achieve your goals and to prepare you for the next job option or promotion .


    Back 4 Good are aware that many of our subscribers are looking at remote working options and Executive Coaches can give vital support and relevant information on this new form of working which is increasing significantly .


    Back 4 Good has talked to Anne- Marie Fox one of the top Career Coaches in Ireland who has recently established her new consulting business – Anne -Marie Fox Consulting we asked Anne – Marie what can  a Career Coach do for individuals who are on the move ,

    According to Anne – Marie the benefits are significant ,

    ‘ I have always loved my job !! Was I lucky or can everyone feel like this when they start working or when they move to a new job ? I believe that everyone can love their job ,you spend most of your waking life working why not chose something that you love to do ?  Here is where I come in to help.

    Some years ago I was lucky to get to spend a few months with an Executive Coach, it really opened my eyes up about what is important in life and how by changing your mindset you can love what you do and if you don’t love it you can find something  that works better for you . Yes you can still go through times when you aren’t enjoying it ,but by spending time with the coach,I got the tools to help me to work through this and continue to use them all the time.

    The realisation that having the right mindset makes all the difference was so powerful for me .It can ensure you get a job that you love and that you feel like you are important in that role while making a valuable contribution to the company .

    The Executive Coach had such an  important impact on me .I decided to complete a diploma in Life and Executive Coaching ,with an emphasis on the career side .I have now opened my own consultancy where I am working with people from all walks of life and all over the world, looking for help on difficult work situations, promotions, changing industry , new ways of working and setting up a new business ”

    We hope to feature regular updates from Anne- Marie on all relevant  aspects of Executive Coaching and Career developments .

    If you will like to talk to Anne – Marie directly to find out more contact Anne – Marie at www.amfconsulting.ie or annemarie@amfconsulting.ie