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Construction Holiday Talent Drive reaching strong targets

Back 4 Good exciting summer  holiday Talent drive  is receiving a strong response from construction workers who had to leave Ireland during  COVID when construction was closed down ,  online information  sessions  are ongoing for the next 40 days with construction professionals and craftworkers who are interested in finding out the ” real “ situation regarding returning home to Ireland to take up the 1000s of roles on offer.

Our Home for the holiday ? Why not stay  ?  campaign will be supplying independent briefings to potential returnees so that they can make an informed decision on if/when they will return.

This initiative is part of a 2 phase process which will  ensure that returnees can take up new roles from Jan 2025 throughout Ireland.

The need for skilled workers is the big issue currently in the construction sector and demand between countries for this talent is at an all time high.

In Ireland for example over 80,000 construction jobs are needed by 2025 if there is any chance of building targets are to be achieved.

Irish companies are offering as much as €100,000 euro to secure senior builders with demand for construction and property professionals up by 40% compared with this time last year.

In Britain notwithstanding Brexit it has one of the most ambitious national infrastructure programmes in Europe and Britain are looking at unique ways to plug the skills gap that is developing. In particular they are looking for workers with transferable skills in other sectors and those looking to return to work.

In the USA skilled labour shortages are delaying major projects and driving up costs in all relevant sectors from high rise developments, home building and major roads and rail projects.

Key reasons for the lack of skilled workers in the US is a cultural shift away from traditional blue collar jobs, a lack of vocational education and training schools and a huge loss of Talent that occurred during the last economic downturn. Construction companies failed to replace that talent over the years and now it’s being felt in the industry.

Across the globe construction companies are starting to think outside the box and are using unique platforms such as Back 4 Good to deal with these skills shortages and the targeting of skilled workers with attractive packages and the special option of returning home to their own country, city, state or village.

If you want to return home to your own country register on this platform.

If you wish to reach out to our subscriber base  in your company’s search for top construction talent email greg@back4good.ie and we will take it from there for you.