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  • Coronavirus Subscriber Information Platform

    As Ireland begins to get exposed to the Coronavirus, with one national school closed for 2 weeks and the first 2 cases happening this week Back 4 Good have created a information platform in direct response to many requests from our subscriber base .

    Our platform @coronavirustruth on Facebook will have hourly updates and relevant posts on developments taking place across the globe . We will leverage our global network in the USA, Asia , Canada  and Europe to inform our subscribers of new developments as they happen.

    Currently there are over 90,000 cases of the virus globally and this figure  rising hourly with over 3000 recorded deaths .

    In China there are 79,500 confirmed cases with 2,901 deaths , outside of China there are 8000 plus confirmed cases in 56 countries with 97 confirmed deaths .

    The USA has had its first 2  deaths this week and in the UK 55 people are confirmed cases of the virus with the Republic of Ireland receiving its first case this week .

    While the World Health Organisation have refused to call this new virus a Pandemic without doubt the rise in number ( over 100% in Italy alone ) points to a Pandemic environment, a strong response is required in all locations to manage this outbreak .

    In Ireland the upcoming St Patrick’ Day Parades with over 500,000 people in attendance must be cancelled alone with most sporting events .

    Our platform over at @coronavirustruth is now online and we would ask our subscribers to post relevant information from their own Country, City Town or village as this will allow our network to inform each other about events as the take place.