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  • Innovative County by County Talent register tackles Healthcare skills shortages

    As Ireland heads into the second year of the COVID 19 Pandemic with no real targeted date to open up the crisis in the Health Sector continues to grow with 1000s of unfilled posts in critical  roles and areas and with waiting lists running at record highs.

    After the ” Your Country Needs You “ campaign launch last march by the then Minister for Health Simon Harris which resulted in over 60,000 Healthcare workers expressing an interest in returning home to take up positions in the Healthcare sector ,resulted in just 55 nurses recruited and other professionals offered zero hour contracts for 3 month periods ,many overseas Irish decided to forget the option of returning home .

    The lack of welcome home at Xmas by the Irish Government further insulted those who wished to see family members and to investigate options in the Health Sector while at home forced many talented individuals to give up on returning home for good.

    However , as the vaccine roll-out starts ( slowly ) attitudes have mellowed and Back 4 Good have received solid interest from many Healthcare professionals and associated workers who want to look at a planned return home in 2021/2022 .

    Most interested candidates will not get involved in dealing with recruitment agencies acting on behalf of the HSE based on the negative experiences of ” Irelands Call “ they prefer to get involved in a county by county talent register which  will hold  skills and location details of each person and will match their skills with the location they wish to return back to for good.

    Back 4 Good have developed a unique system which will match skilled professionals with the skills shortage in the area that the skilled worker wishes to return to , the system also looks at the full team required in relevant locations from Consultants , to Doctors to Nurses to specialists . One additional ICU bed requires 20  ICU trained staff for it to become active .

    Currently there are many empty ICU beds around the country  ‘ mothballed “ due to lack of staff,  the Back 4 Good system with teams of critical workers arriving at the same time overcomes this difficulty .

    Contact greg@back4good.ie if you  wish to register on our county by county system , if you are looking for skilled workers let’s have a conversation today.