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Top Cybersecurity Talent looking at their opportunities

As organisations and companies recognise that investment in security is vital and  necessity they are quickly discovering that finding key talent in this area is near impossible.

In the US for example there are 350,000 open cyber security positions and a predicted global shortfall of over 3.5 million cyber security positions by 2021 – the industry clearly has a significant problem.

In fact because of the global cyber security skills shortage nearly half of all cyber security professionals are solicited to consider moving jobs at least once a week.

Through out our network in all 135 cities across the globe demand for cybersecurity professionals is at an all time high with 100s of occupations on offer including

  • Security Analysts
  • Security Engineers
  • Security Architects
  • Security Software Developers
  • Cryptanalysts

Top of the list in occupations are

Penetration Testers

Ransomware is rising, Penetration Testers go into companies systems and find weaknesses they then correct the problem.

Cyber Security Engineers

These professionals normally have a strong technical background within development with knowledge of Python and Java.


Chief information Security officer creates and delivers a organisations cyber security system and strategies.

With demand so high for professionals in the sector salaries are following this demand and with the right advice from our independent team you can obtain a lucrative career in the city of your choice.

Many of our registered cyber security professionals are not just in the sector for money alone, these roles come with an incredible amount of responsibility and this excites our members .

The future for this sector is extremely positive and the education sector is slow to respond to with a significant shortage of courses in all relevant occupations in the sector.

If you wish to take up a role email chloe@back4good.ie and we will take it from there for you.

For organisations and companies who wish to talk to our highly talented Back 4 Good members contact chloe@back4good.ie we can assist you in meeting your talent needs.