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Software Developer Project Teams


B4G HR has partnered with a global full-stack IT service platform which is designed to support digital and tech businesses throughout their product lifecycle, design, development, marketing and implementation.

This exciting development allows us to apply Agile, Lean and DevOps best practices to help you build up product value.

We now offer 25 types of IT services within 5 skill levels in 4 different locations and our product suite now offers

  • Development and maintenance of software
  • Web applications
  • Websites
  • Mobile applications
  • Cloud Computing
  • Embedded systems engineering
  • Strategic design
  • Digital Marketing

Along with our presence in over 135 cities globally this new partnership allows Back 4 Good to offer an IT-dedicated one-stop-shop relying on a global talent pool of over 300,000 profiles of developers (PHP, .Net, Python, Symfony, Ruby etc) Scrum Masters, QA Engineers, UX/UI designers.

We are now able to build and ramp up teams of several dozens of developers in just a few weeks as required.


This relationship allows Back 4 Good to become your full-stack service solution, recruitment, technical assessment, coding exercises and hackathons through which you can assess, attract and engage your IT community.

Our partnership has opened up over 400,000 coders to our database with 1 in 4 closings in interviews held and an average time for closing an assignment at 6 weeks.

We now have access to 850 highly skilled Software Engineers (permanent employees) and as a client of B4G HR you will be able to browse our software Engineers database.

If you require any of these services and are looking for a fast acting operation contact BRH HR today on 00353873880646