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  • Diaspora Campaign to Commence to address Talent Shortage

    As Ireland re-opens we have seen 1000s of businesses suffering from staff shortages who now want to restart the Back 4 Good overseas talent campaign and county by county sourcing modal.

    As a result of many approaches  Back 4 Good are starting to roll out our diaspora campaign reaching out to our subscriber base across the globe .

    As Ireland starts to reopen significant skills shortage have arisen and employers are finding it difficult to source talent in all sectors .

    In construction Ireland is suffering a major skills shortage as workers in the sector moved overseas to locations that had shorter lockdowns than Ireland which suffered the longest Lockdown in Europe .

    In retail staff shortages are preventing shops and shopping centres from opening full hours and resulting in some stores setting up appointment systems due to the lack of staff.

    In Hospitality employers are finding that the skilled staff that they had on their payroll have either returned home before COVID 19 Lockdowns or have decided to move out of the sector as they regard it as not offering solid pay rates and progression .

    Hairdressers are hard to find as appointment books are full with clients waiting over 3 weeks for an appointment .

    The Health Service is suffering as a result of the failure to recruit many nurses who wished to return home before COVID 19 and with waiting lists at an all time high the HSE will need to find 1000s of skilled medical staff pithing the next 12 months .

    Last week PWC carried out a survey of Irish company CEOs with 75% expressing concerns over skills shortages

    Back 4 Good has created a unique county by county database of skilled professionals who wish to return to live and work in their own county and we are developing our virtual and real recruit fairs to role out in September .

    If you are looking for skilled workers and wish to get involved contact greg@back4good.ie our overseas talent team are ready to match our skilled diaspora database to meet your talent needs .