Europe is experiencing significant job growth a skills shortages across many countries.

Economic growth this year looks like being around 1.6% and unemployment is falling.

There is of course a huge divergence between countries with an unemployment rate in Germany of 3.9% compared to Greece at 23.5%,however looking at the EU as a whole ,job creation is now the fastest it has been for nearly a decade.

Europe currently has a huge demand for skilled professionals the top 5 occupations are ICT professionals, medical doctors, science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) professionals, nurses and midwives and Teachers.

Other occupations are also of concern to various countries, Estonia and France face shortages of Legal professionals, Ireland, Luxembourg, Hungary and the U.K. need Finance professionals and in Italy demand for Architects with green skills is on the rise.

Demand for ICT professionals is rising because almost every country and economic sector needs their skills. Similarly, STEM professionals are needed in many fields.

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