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Your future in Bari

Bari is a stunning port  city on the Adriatic Sea and the capital of Italy’s Puglia region.

Its mazelike old town, Barivecchia occupies a headland between 2 harbours. Surrounded by narrow streets, the 1th century Basilica di San Nicola, a key pilgrimage site, holds some of St Nicholas’ remains.

To the south ,the Murat quarter has stately 19th century architecture ,a promenade and pedestrianised shopping areas.

Bari and the Puglia region are currently suffering from a significant Talent shortage with various professionals in high demand with demand for software designers, machine programmers in both the services and manufacturing sectors particularly high.

Over 38% of employers in the region are having problems finding professionals in Software and applications development and analysts along with electro technology engineers and  STEM professionals.

The lack of ICT professionals is a problem not just for Bari it is an issue for Italy itself and the Italian labour market is only now starting to look at delivering wage premia sufficiently high enough to encourage these talented professionals back home to Italy and to encourage non- Italian professionals to come to Italy and Bari to live and work.

Other sectors that have strong demand include Teaching due to the high number of retirements that are occurring.

The development of new technologies and new communications tools has resulted n a huge demand for individuals who have a combination of technical and creative skills in Bari.

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