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Financial Services Talent Pool in demand

As we head into 2020 and skills shortages in the Financial Services sector are at critical levels and demand for talent is high.

Banking and Financial Services are currently experiencing a major shortage of skilled workers and employers are becoming increasingly worried that they are running out of skilled workers.

As ICT and Fintech evolve companies are in need of people who aren’t just experts in their respective fields, but who also understand technology and data analytics.

Back 4 Good has a solid database of subscriber interested in working in the Financial Services sector and this includes the following occupations ,

  • Compliance Managers
  • Financial Crimes Risk Manager
  • Accountants
  • Finance Directors
  • Fund Administrators
  • Financial Advisors
  • Insurance Experts /Sales
  • Auditors
  • Senior Risk/Compliance Experts
  • Head of Finance and system Governance
  • Pension Scheme Administration Managers
  • Credit Analysts – Corporate Banking
  • Relationship Managers

If you are looking to secure top talent for your firm in the Financial services sector make sure you register on this platform and contact greg@back4good.ie today.

For job changers in the sector Salaries and Packages available in the Financial Services sector are at an all time high with offers including detailed progression plans available along with some working from home elements.

With salaries expected to grow by over 12% year on year earning potential is significant and this is the time to take up opportunities in Financial Services.

For employers Back 4 Good offers a complete HR service for you from Talent Sourcing to first and second phase interviewing to selection and on boarding.Our new virtual recruitment offer is available with daily recruitment of screened candidates an option.