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Gregory Craig

B4G Ireland

Devises his own solutions to discover and secure top talent with a particular expertise in working in the passive talent space. A top headhunter with key professionals engaging and seeking his view on offer and packages in the marketplace. Builds sourcing campaigns that are focused and targeted using his expertise in planning, execution and a strong persuasive ability that ensures that top candidates are signed and across the line in a speedy fashion. Has several years experience in locating pools of hidden talent and developing creative approaches to attract this talents to clients and organisations.


Richard Thomas

B4G Great Britain, Australia & New Zealand

Award- winning Talent expert with nearly 30 years experience delivering Business Services to clients and recognised as a leading expert in recruiting and talent sourcing in Australia, New Zealand and Canada from overseas. Richard has significant experience in engineering and trades recruitment with successful assignments in The Middle East, UK, Canada and Australia with extensive knowledge of Oil & Gas, Renewable Energy, Construction, ICT, Infrasture Rail, Nursing and Project Management.


Michelle Norman

B4G Australia

Australia based with more than 18 years recruitment experience. Michelle has provided recruitment services to the nursing industry in Queenlands for over 10 years and expended during this period into mainstream area of Engineering Services recruitment including executive search Michele has strong greenfield experience in bulk recruitment for major major projects and sources top talent throughout the region filling many roles in the Back 4 Good network.


Mya Thway Yee

B4G Asia & Pacific

A key Talent acquisition specialist with a network across the Back 4 Good Asian region second to none. Work between Asia and The Europe, (The Netherlands ) finding key talent to fill roles in a timely manner. Mya has assisted many organisation both large and small in planning and managing recuitment campaigns for multiple roles or headhunting for a single position.


Norah Anne Soe

B4G Ireland, Europe & South East Asia

Norah Anne Soe is a key member of the Back 4 Good Talent Marketing Team with skills directly related to our unique approach to sourcing top talent with innovative marketing approaches. An experienced and qualified Journalist Norah Anne develops and builds long term strategic relationships with our key clients and subscriber base. Creating and executing campaigns, ensuring messaging is tailored to specific occupations and sectors.


Elizabeth Will

B4G Europe & New Zealand

Elizabeth is a key talent partner with Back 4 Good who sources talent with a sense of urgency and meets clients requirements in a timely fashion. Elizabeth works closely with employers needing top talent, resources or services globally and then integrates this new talent into each clients organisations and businesses.Elizabeth is a specialist in global mobility.