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  • Government must look to Australia and New Zealand for Garda Teachers Dentists and GPs

    Back 4 Good have received significant interest from our subscribers to take up roles in the Garda with strong interest from our base in Australia and New Zealand .

    We also have a solid database with many Teachers GPs and Dentists who are keen to discuss their options .

    This interest has expended significantly as a result of our current Christmas  campaign with many Irish abroad looking for Garda recruitment competitions to be held in their own current location including Australia , New Zealand and Canada .

    However the current recruitment approach by the Garda is unsuitable for many people curr overseas who cannot travel home for interviews or fitness tests .



    Back 4 Good are asking the Government to change the current recruitment process and working with us we want to carry out a recruitment campaign based in Australia and New Zealand .

    We are proposing a full cycle recruitment campaign from advertising the positions to shortlisting to interview and fitness tests to contract offer .All of which will happen over a 4 month recruitment campaign with Garda  and civilian staff based in Australia

    Our innovative proposal will ensure that a key pool of talent can be recruited from our diaspora with potential numbers to be recruited in the hundreds .

    This fresh thinking will allow the recruitment process to give an opportunity to many people who want to return home to their own village ,county or town .

    With the Garda facing the biggest ever recruitment crisis it is now time to look at the way that the Gardai recruit and innovative solutions such as those proposed by Back 4 Good can make a real difference and more importantly deliver .

    We hope to meet the  new Taoseach  Simon Harris TD to outline our plans for an international campaign to bring skilled professionals home for good.