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  • Labour & Skills shortages result in cost of living rises

    As the HSE fail to fill 4000 vacancies in 2021 resulting in waiting list numbers increasing and durations on waiting lists increasing by years staff shortages are preventing the delivery of basic procedures and operations in Ireland today.

    While wages and career progression remain an issue ,further concern are  developing about the lack of accommodation available to employees and returnees and this lack of accommodation is resulting in little or no applications for many roles within the Health sector.

    In Manufacturing talk is ongoing around how to find skilled workers with skills shortages in key areas such as automation, engineering and competition among employers leading to wage inflation and talent battles.

    In Construction the situation is more critical with severe shortages of qualified and experienced tradespeople and construction professionals and Irish construction employers offering over 70k wages to Non – EU workers in a failed attempt to try to ” plug the skills gaps ”

    In ICT multinationals and SMEs in this sectors simply cannot find Java Developers,DevOps and IT Security, Machine Learning Specialists and AI Analysts are in very short supply and if available the salary package is heading to all -time high levels.

    With the Irish Financial Sector employing over 40,000 people 2018 saw an increase of up to 15% in live job vacancy numbers with staff retention the big issues in this sector as more new companies land into Dublin as a result of Brexit, wage rates are on the rise in all Financial roles

    In Healthcare the Irish Healthcare system is operating with a workforce that is less than 25% of what it should be with over 500 vacant consultants posts unfilled along with 700 GPs due to retire in the next 3 years and little or no interest from new candidates for these roles.

    Creative and Innovative solutions are required to attract Talent into Ireland and Back 4 Good have made a number of proposals to Government in that regard.

    Ireland has spent many millions of euros running uncoordinated roadshows and taking out very expensive advertisements in media with little or no results . Back 4 Good are of the view that our county by county approach to this issue will deliver results and that we can encourage home 1000s of oour skilled professionals to their own town city or county.

    We have requested a meeting with Government to outline our views and discuss how this crisis can be faced .