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Legal and Compliance Talent Drive

As Ireland recovers from the COVID 10 Pandemic  requirements among our subscribers working in Law are significant and and our Legal and Compliance Talent Drive gets underway .

Available legal occupations are at an all time high globally and finding suitably qualified staff is a significant challenge.

Back 4 Good are holding a number of briefing sessions online  with skilled legal professionals who are subscribers to our platform .

This months roll-out  we will be able to reach out to a much wider audience with the addition of our new platforms www.back4good.org in the USA and www.back4good.ca in Canada  and www.back4good.asia across Asia and bounceback.ie which is growing fast in and outside of Ireland

We will be providing independent information on current trends in the Legal sector and opportunities that are available along with updates on accommodation Taxation and Education .

Employers are looking for a wider range of experienced professionals and this competition for staff is global.

Indeed the battle for talent is made harder by changes in legal and compliance frameworks along with changes in legislation resulting from Brexit and GDPR.

Recent surveys have shown that almost 80% of employers plan to hire legal professionals at the mid-level and available lawyers are hard to find due to the low numbers of lawyers that qualified during the crash.

Back 4 Good -Your future in Ireland have a significant number of top Legal roles on our network including,

  • Corporate Legal Secretary
  • Lawyers
  • Legal Counsel
  • Financial Services
  • Solicitors
  • Property Legal Secretary
  • Aircraft Leasing Paralegal
  • Corporate Legal PA
  • Commercial Litigation -Solicitor
  • Legal Secretary
  • Tax Lawyers
  • Legal Counsel
  • Technology Solicitor
  • Healthcare Lawyers
  • Banking Associate
  • Company Secretary

and much more. Note these roles are available throughout our network of 135 cities across the globe.


This is the time to take up a career in law or return to law as opportunities are vast and salaries are very strong.

If you wish avail of the many options available in multiple locations register here on this platform or send your cv to greg@back4good.ie and we will arrange a private and confidential conversation.

For employers in the Legal and Corporate Governance sector we have a strong data base of excellent candidates that will match your needs.

If you wish to get involved contact greg@back4good.ie today.