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Your future in Israel

Israel is expanding at a rapid pace with 1000s of jobs available on a daily basis.

Indeed such is the demand for skilled workers that Israel has relaxed its visa regime in a bid to attract thousands of foreign high-tech workers and address a severe skills shortage that companies are warning is imperilling a multibillion sector critical to the country’s economy.

Israel is home to one of the world’s most vibrant high-tech clusters outside Silicon Valley with technology accounting for about 12% of employment in the nation.

The new visa rule change will allow thousands of permits to be granted for highly trained programmers, engineers, mathematicians and others.

Israeli tech companies, many of which have US operations and had been clamouring for the right to transfer employees to Israel or hire overseas welcome the changes in the permit system.

A secondary issue for Israel is that there is not enough compatibility between what people are studying and what jobs are needed in the Israeli workforce.

Outside of High – Tech jobs there are 1000s of other support vacancies throughout Israel including careers in Teaching, Banking, Healthcare, Telecomes and Oil & Gas.

As a location to live and work Israel is very attractive and locations such as Tel Aviv-Yafo is a very progressive and exciting sort. Tel Aviv itself has the vibrancy of a young city (it’s only 100 years old) while Yafo (of Jaffa) history stretches back for centuries.

Haifa is a amazing city, with a very interesting ethnic mix that has lived in relative harmony for many years.

Akko is obne of the most beautiful places to live in – with layers and layers of history, and outside of the urban centres communities in the Galilee or Negev Desert are new and interesting options.

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