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We are developing an exciting fully integrated Digital Hub for Dublin 6 which will offer opportunities for creative people to work with other creative people on various projects that will result in the creation of  a cluster of technology, digital media and internet of things companies and individuals working side by side in Dublin 6.

We are creating a unique start-up Hub that will empower creative talent in Dublin 6 and surrounding areas .Today’s digital landscape is an exciting time of movement and possibility and through skill-building opportunities in areas of technology, art,design,film production and innovation hope to take advantage of these developments.

We want to create a space for creative people in Dublin 6 to discover and learn while also enabling a valuable pipeline for these people into opportunities in industry and into organisations providing these services.

Terenure Digital Hub will build technical abilities in an encouraging and supportive environment.

We want to create a co-working space that will be a launch pad to inspire future creators, tech entrepreneurs and innovators.

We aim to create supportive working spaces for people who want to work on their own projects while having an opportunity to exchange knowledge ,ideas and inspiration with others.

A key aspect will be the possibility to network with like-minded individuals in order to share and complement each other’s work and ideas.

Most studies have shown that for entrepreneurs to take their projects to the next level, it is important that they work within an environment that’s fosters such inspiration, motivation,know-how and encouragement.

We want our hub to provide free tutoring ,free access to computers and printing free or low-cost tech-ready organising and meeting space.

We will support our Hub by providing services on a commercial basis including Integrated Design,Website Production,Social Media and Digital Marketing planning,Advertising and Production and much more.

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