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  • Strong Interest in Remote working opportunities from Diaspora


    Back 4 Good have detected a strong interest from jobseekers in remote work which has grown by over 50% compared to last year .

    The popularity  of remote working for a Diaspora subscriber base is understandable as it gives jobseekers and their families greater choices about when they work and what locations they work in .

    For our professional  subscriber database working outside of a traditional office environment  and in a different timezone  is  a very attractive proposition

    Certainly our early research among subscribers has show that they believe that remote working makes them feel more creative and productive ..

    Of course remote working also allows potential returnees to ” test “ their new employer and to see what it is  like to work with their new employer , getting a handle on culture and support available before they make the decision to return home for good .

    On the employer side Back 4 Good are finding that there continues to be an increase in employers offering flexible and remote working  opportunities for our subscribers with 52% of our assignments currently allowing applicants to apply as a remote working applicant .

    Our subscribers like that options of working in a location that has a more favourable tax regime and more affordable property prices than those currently existing in Ireland and in-particular in Dublin . As a significant number of employers are global businesses which allow  the employer to create a flexible option for the talent that their organisation requires , in most cases urgently.


    If you wish to make a remote/flexible application today email cat@back4good.ie and we can take it from there for you.

    For employers who wish to offer flexible working to attract and retain talent lets have a conversation about the demand on our platforms and on how we match this to your talent requirements .