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Your future in Timisoara

Timisoara ,located in western Romania in the Banat region is a cosmopolitan city with a distinct university vibe and stunning architecture .

The central square ,Piata Victoriei is surrounded by baroque buildings and the metropolitan Orthodox Cathedral,with its mosaic-patterned roof tiles and icon gallery .

Timisoara is indeed a wonderful place to live and work and we are inviting skilled professionals both expatriates and overseas mobile workers to come to Timisoara and take up the many roles available .

Timisoara is currently experiencing a significant skills shortage especially in the areas of software and automotive .These skills shortages arose due to high levels of migration to neighbouring countries and Timisoara has decide to invite it’s expatriates back to Timisoara for good.

Romania and Timisoara are concerned that this shortage of skills may halt strong economic growth levels as investors are holding back on further expansion until a strong skills pipeline is developed.

Timisoara has many advantages and is considered to be one of the most important growth cities in Romania it’s favourable geographical position, its high quality of human resources -characterised by multilingualism make the city top of the list for investment potential with Timis county ranking second behind Bucharest for FDI considerations.

The roles available in Timisoara are multiple and the automotive industry is very strong in the county along with ICT .Among the companies currently looking for talent are,


Delphi Packard

Lisa Draexlmaier


Mahle Dura



Luxten Lighting



and many more .

In the ICT sector there are over 500 relevant companies and almost 9000 employees ,the ICT market in Timisoara is considered to be the second largest in Romania .

The top employers in Timis county are Continental with 8,000 people followed by Delphi Packard with 7,500 employees and Profit Rom Food with 5,700 .

If you wish to take up one of these many opportunities and live and work in Timisoara register today on this platform or send your cv to elena@back4good.ie today and we will take it from there for you.

Back 4 Good -Your future in Timisoara will be reaching out across the globe to expatriates over the next year with a simple message and invite -Timisoara wants you back 4 good.