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  • We must address the effects of Climate Change –

    Back 4 Good are delighted to be driving a new campaign which is focused on dealing with Climate change and the damage this is doing to our planet and our daily lives.

    B4G Media have devised exciting new communication platforms that address issues that are key to our subscriber base and have significant interest to our members who get involved in each location by promoting each campaign in over 135 cities across the globe.

    Global Climate Change has already had observable effects on the environment . Glaciers have shrunk ,ice on rivers and lakes is breaking up earlier , ,plant and animal ranges have shifted and trees and flowering sooner.

    We are increasing seeing damaging effects now occurring ,loss of sea ice ,accelerated sea levels rising and longer and more intense heat waves .

    If the don’t deal with this issue today the future effects will include,

    . Temperatures will continue to rise

    . Frost-free season ( and growing season ) will lengthen

    . Changes in Precipitation patterns

    . More Droughts and Heat Waves

    . Hurricanes will become stronger and more intense

    . Sea levels will rise 1-6 feet by 2100

    . Artic likely to become ice-free

    Our campaign will require commitment for making marketing , advertising and social/digital specialists to offer their services so that we can roll out our campaign across the globe .

    We have our domain read (www.planetbeforeprofit.ie )  and are looking for creatives and designers to get involved is producing an exciting site that will allow us to run our panned events and concerts .

    If you are interested in getting involved contact greg@back4good.org today .