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Develop a workplace fitness culture

As we head towards near full employment and look at employees working longer and unsocial hours with significant pressure and stress now is the time for employers to offer free fitness programmes to their staff.

Surveys has shown that a fit workplace is a more productive workplace as it leads to improvements in physical and mental fitness.

Indeed stress is by far the top health issue in the workplace with recent research showing that 74% of employees agreeing that their workplace had become increasingly stressful.

Being able to incorporate exercise into a daily work routine can pay off for employers.It leads to improved Productivity and lowers health costs and this in turn makes it less likely that employees will get sick and injured .

Fitness in the workplace lowers employers costs saving 1000s of euros a year for every employee who stops smoking,1000s of euros for every employees on employees who lower their cholesterol levels .

Some workplace fitness and wellness programmes often feature competitions between employees .Such as who can walk the most steps in a month, get 7 hours sleep or cut alcohol for a week this leads to team building and bonding with mutual support .

For employees talking part in a planned fitness program in the workplace can offer huge encouragement nd many benefits for both employee and employers.

Carefully designed workplace fitness and wellness programmes can educate employees on how to feel better on the job ,mentally and physically.

If you would like to discuss creating and developing a bespoke wellness and fitness programme for your employees which offers a diverse selection of workouts in the workplace including desk workouts, bootcamps,core workouts, dance,yoga and pilates contact chole@back4good.ie today .