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Your future in Manchester

Manchester famous for City and Utd is also looking for a significant number of skilled workers to fill many available roles as firms in the City struggle with a skills shortage.

A recent study has showed that 3 out of every 5 firms were struggling to recruit workers with the advanced technical skills that they need and these firms feared that these shortages will last for the next 3 years.

Inparticular the skills shortages in Digital is impacts on the sector and nearly 45% of businesses have turned away work due to the lack of Talent.

Jobs are available in all sectors in the City and current opens on the system include Scientifuc Editor, ASP.Net Developers, Senior Digital Systems Analyst, Health and Safety Advisors, Pensions Administrators, Software Engineers, Data Analyst and much much more.

On the living and working side the average value of a standard 3 bed is £173,527 this has increased 0.29% from Feb 2017 with Terraced properties selling for an average of £130.592 and semi-detached values at £185,724.

Salary rates are string in most sectors due to the skills shortages and good packages are available.

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