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Your future in Peterborough

Peterborough is a city in eastern England. Peterborough is a Cathedral city.

Peterborough has created a rapidly growing economy with many excellent career opportunities available in all sectors.

Access to Talent is continuously identified by Peterborough employers as one of the biggest barriers to achieving growth .

The city is faces a skills shortage and many sectors are finding that now there are too few candidates to fill an increasing number of roles and available positions.

Science, Technology, Engineering are the sectors that have unfilled roles and increasingly it appears that the Services and Healthcare have many roles to fill.

Salary rates are rising fast and the city is keen to encourage its perfect ole to return home to the city to take up the many roles available.

As a result of the skills shortages in the Health & Social Care area the City College Peterborough have introduced and developed initiatives especially designed to bring qualified and skilled people into vacancies.

Demand for craftspeople, Web Developers, Marketing & Sales Managers, Software Engineers and Healthcare workers are currently available.

Property prices in the City are low in comparison to other cities and the current average property value is £143,660 and house prices are rising slower than anywhere else in the East of England.

If you want to return home to the City to live and work or if you want to secure one of the many available roles register with Back 4 Good today and we will take it from there for you.