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Your future in Sligo

Sligo is often called the hidden gem of the North West ,it combines the hustle of a major town with the stunning natural beauty of a scenic coast.

Sligo is strong in most industry sectors from engineering,technology and life sciences and they make a significant contribution to the local economy and provide many highly skilled and well paid jobs.

Sligo is also becoming a major hub for the start-up community with many well known brands set up in Sligo.

Abbott, AbbVie, Stiefel (a GSK company), Lotuswork, Amcor, Hospira, Equinoxe, Litec Moulding, Bruss, Overstock and Elano and many more.

Sligo has a very strong infrastructure in place with its own airports well as a direct line to Ireland’s capital Dublin.

Property prices and rentals are very affordable and have not reached the levels in major Urban centres.

Education and Healthcare are solid with teacher ratios below the level of urban locations.

Sligo has a great mix of available jobs from Engineers to Quantity Surveyors to Healthcare Professionals to Chefs and much much more.

If you would like to return to Sligo to take up one of these many roles or is you would like to come to the county from overseas register today with Back 4 Good and we will take it from there for you.